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Welcome to the WD1L.net Web Site..... Please check out the Local Weather Page.......... Current Conditions are Temp: 42°F, Wind Speed: 0.0 mph - South South West, Visibility: 10 miles




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Ham Radio News

There is NOW a DX Cluster on 145.030 Mhz. Located in Brockton, MA  To Connect via Packet Type C WD1L or via Telnet Connect To DXC.WD1L.net Port:7300  This Cluster is using DX Spider software if You would like to view a user manual & commands click here                                 To see what A DX Cluster looks like Please click here

  Revised Amateur Radio frequency allocations, band plans, rules ready -- Revised Amateur Radio allocations go into effect at 12:01 AM Eastern Time (0501 UTC) on Friday, December 15. The Amateur Radio frequency allocation chart and the ARRL Band Plans on the ARRL Web site will automatically update at that time. Affected bands are 80/75, 40 and 15 meters. As of December 14, the FCC had not acted on the League's Petition for Reconsideration calling on the Commission to postpone the allocation change for 3600 to 3635 kHz while it considers a request to maintain the status quo in that segment. Revised FCC Part 97 Amateur Service rules reflecting all changes detailed in the FCC "omnibus" Report and Order (R&O) in WT Docket 04-140, will become available on the ARRL Web site as soon as they go into effect.
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New US Amateur Bands

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ARRL Audio News    

ARRL Audio News contains highlights taken from the League's weekly publication, The ARRL Letter. ARRL Audio News is available: 

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Cam Radio Net
Join us on one of our PTT Nets...
3773 KHz - 2300 HRs EST
Our members stream live on it QRZ...

we stream live high definition video

for more information on how to join Cam radio net click on the cam radio icon and come check us out

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